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interview with psycho oncologist

Exclusive Interview With Psycho-oncologist Alejandra Glaser

Q. What can you tell us about you, Alejandra? A. My name is Maria Alejandra Glaser, and I’m 35 years old. I live in Mar de Plata,...

Information on cancer


Physical activity and cancer: how to get started?

Understanding the relation between physical activity and cancer Every year, the Comprehensive Cancer Center hosts a conference at the UC Davis Medical Center called “Pushing Past...
what causes glaucoma

What causes glaucoma?

What Causes Glaucoma? Glaucoma is generally caused by a blockage in part of the eye. This prevents fluid from draining out of the eye and...

What are the symptoms of glaucoma?

For most people, there are usually few or no symptoms of glaucoma. The first sign of glaucoma is often the loss of peripheral or...
testicular cancer risk factors

What are the risk factors for developing testicular cancer?

Testicular cancer risk factors: what you should know A risk factor is anything that can affect your chances of getting a disease. While certain risk...
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sleep disturbances and cancer

Sleep disturbances and cancer

Sleep disturbances and cancer: why sleep matters Sleep disturbances and cancer: there is a relationship between them. Sleep disturbances affect between 30 and 75 % of...
Cancer Related Fatigue

Cancer related fatigue and physical activity

Introduction: cancer related fatigue and physical activity.  Every year, the Comprehensive Cancer Center hosts a conference, called "Pushing Past Cancer, at the UC Davis Medical...
drinking alcohol and cancer

Drinking alcohol and cancer

Alcohol and cancer: the relation with cancer risk and survival According to the several medical publications, chronic consumption of alcohol is a well-known cause of...
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How alcohol consumption causes Cancer

How alcohol consumption causes Cancer Alcohol consumption and cancer are correlated, especially when alcohol is consumed chronically together with smoking, it significantly increases the risk...

Diet and cancer: the benefits of a healthy diet

Diet and cancer: how are they related? Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, but did you know that it can affect the prognosis for...