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lucy collage

“I want everyone else to take care of Lucy so that Lucy can take...

We are honored to be featuring an interview with Lucy Kalanithi, wife of Paul Kalanithi. Dr. Paul Kalanithi, M.D. was a neurosurgeon and a writer...

Information on cancer

Thyroid cancer

What is thyroid cancer?

Thyroid cancer and thyroid nodules Even though thyroid cancer is not frequently discussed, it is nevertheless important to be informed about it, considering the significant increase in...
symptoms of testicular cancer

What are the symptoms of testicular cancer?

Symptoms of testicular cancer Symptoms of testicular cancer include the following: Lump or swelling in the testicle: The first symptom of testicular cancer is a...
testicular cancer risk factors

What are the risk factors for developing testicular cancer?

Testicular cancer risk factors: what you should know A risk factor is anything that can affect your chances of getting a disease. While certain risk...

What is Movember?

What is movember? The term "Movember" was generated as a hybrid from "Mustache" and "November". It was coined in Australia at the end of the...
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healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer

Path of a health lifestyle

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Cancer Related Fatigue

Cancer related fatigue and physical activity

Introduction: cancer related fatigue and physical activity.  Every year, the Comprehensive Cancer Center hosts a conference, called "Pushing Past Cancer, at the UC Davis Medical...

Smoking and cancer

Continued smoking during cancer treatment. There is substantial evidence that smoking and cancer have an impact on health outcomes. Evidence shows that continued smoking may...
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healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer

Path of a health lifestyle

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what is prostate gland

What is the prostate gland?

Prostate gland: what it is and what is its function? The prostate gland The gland is only found in males and is situated in front of the...

How alcohol consumption causes Cancer

How alcohol consumption causes Cancer Alcohol consumption and cancer are correlated, especially when alcohol is consumed chronically together with smoking, it significantly increases the risk...