What is Movember?

What is movember?

what is movemberThe term “Movember” was generated as a hybrid from “Mustache” and “November”. It was coined in Australia at the end of the 90’s as a symbol for raising awareness on men’s health, with a focus on testicular cancer, prostate cancer and mental health issues such as depression. The foundation behind this initiative is Movember.org.

How does Movember work?

Throughout the entire month of November, participating men are encouraged to grow out their facial hair. Some men grow their entire beards, other only their mustache.

More than that, this initiative encourages men and women to spark online conversations and share as much content as possible about men’s health and how early detection can save lives.

What is the meaning of Movember?

The purpose of Movember is to create awareness on early prevention for prostate and testicular cancer. It is known that early prevention can save lives. Early prevention of male cancers means combining the following:

  • Know your family history of cancers
  • Knowing how a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risks of developing cancer
  • Knowing when and where you should go for your yearly checkups

To learn more about how lifestyle can prevent cancer, have a look on Esperity.com.

How to grow a mustache?

If you have never grown a mustache before, it might seem like a challenging task. The key is to be patient and push through those first few days and weeks. Us folks at Esperity (mostly the men), offer a small guide to growing a mustache.

  • Grow a full beard at first. For some people, there will be enough hair after 3 days, others after one week. By growing your full beard first, you will have more flexibility transitioning into the look you want.
  • Once you feel good about the length of your mustache, start by trimming the areas you do not want to have, leaving the general area of your mustache untouched. Finally, choose a shape you think fits you best, and trim the hairs around the mustache accordingly. We strongly recommend getting advice from your significant other or relatives, after all, they will be the ones stuck looking at you for the rest of the month! There are various shapes you can go for. You can even choose save the beard, and shave off your mustache. Whatever you choose, make sure to go for a look that suits your face. For an overview of the various mustache shapes, take a look at this infographic.
  • Every day before or after bed time, wash your mustache with some shampoo. Not only will it smell good, it will also keep your facial hair clean and soft.
  • When you reach the end of the month, amuse yourself: go to a barber to try something creative with it. Or just shave it all off! Don’t forget to take pictures and share it with your network while mentioning the reason why you have grown your mustache! Don’t forget to include popular hashtags such as #NoShaveNovember #Movember #CheckYourBalls …