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healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer

Path of a health lifestyle

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supplements and cancer

Nutritional supplements and cancer

Why cancer patients take supplements? In general, cancer patients take supplements for some or all of the following reasons: Herbal medicines sold as supplements claimed to...

Hydration: effects on general health status

Good hydration, and consequently sufficient fluid administration to obtain optimal fluid balance, is of utmost importance for general well being. Even small imbalances, also in...

Wellbeing and diabetes

Wellbeing and diabetes: some facts Wellbeing and diabetes are opposites. Every year, in June, diabetes is getting full attention during the Diabetes Week.  And World...
La actividad física y el cáncer

Physical activity and cancer

Physical activity and cancer: the relationship with cancer prognosis Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, but did you know that it can also...

Diet and cancer: the benefits of a healthy diet

Diet and cancer: how are they related? Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, but did you know that it can affect the prognosis for...
drinking alcohol and cancer

Drinking alcohol and cancer

Alcohol and cancer: the relation with cancer risk and survival According to the several medical publications, chronic consumption of alcohol is a well-known cause of...

Physical activity and cancer: how to get started?

Understanding the relation between physical activity and cancer Every year, the Comprehensive Cancer Center hosts a conference at the UC Davis Medical Center called “Pushing Past...

Vitamin D and the effect of sun lotions

Vitamin D in a nutshell Vitamin D is in fact a pro-hormone rather than a vitamin as such.  This means that it only becomes active...
lifestyle and cancer

Lifestyle and cancer prevention

Lifestyle and cancer: are they related? Lifestyle and cancer: there is a link. The positive influence of a healthy, adapted lifestyle on the response of cancer...