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Online patient communities
Connect with patients like you and share experiences or ask questions
Talk to patients like you
Sometimes small tips can change a life. Having a disease is not always easy, and although there are a lot of professional services out there that do their best to provide the best service, patients often still have questions.

On the online communities you can search for patients like you, have a conversation or just look around.
Start your own community
You can choose to start your own community or to join another one.
Search for clinical trials
Sometimes it is not easy to know what novel treatments are in development. With this module, you can search for clinical trials. If you don't know who to contact, just send us a message and we will help you to find the right contact person to get more information.

In a clinical trial, a new medicine is developed and evaluated. Learn more about the phases in clinical trials in the community section.
Keep track of your health
Keeping track of your health helps to become more health-aware. Sometimes, only after seeing how we evolve over time, certain patterns become visible. It might help us to ask the right questions during consultations with healthcare professionals.

Create your now dashboard and track your lifestyle.