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Patient portal for research
Connecting patients and healthcare professionals and researchers in a secure environment.
Connecting patient and a care team to measure quality of life
This portal is designed for researchers to educate patients about their disease or treatment, while capturing patient reported outcomes (PROM) and experiences (PREM). Upon login, patients can get information about the intervention they are on, in a personalised way.

  • Keep track of quality of life or other surveys
  • Keep track of symptoms
  • See information related to your treatment or intervention
  • Manage your agenda
  • Clear goal setting
Connecting patient with a care team
Patients will always be connected with their care team. They can receive messages, but also alarms can be sent to the care team in function of the answers to some questions. This guarantees a close follow-up of patients.

  • Send messages
  • Set alarms
  • Don't miss any appoints anymore
See your evolution over time
In some simple clicks you can keep track of your evolution. Both your physician or care team as you can see how you evolve over time. This will allow you to become more health aware.
Keeping the human touch
Human contact is important. Digital tools will not replace this. This system is set up in such a way it requires first a face to face contact before you can be enrolled.